Services for real estate investors and developers

Each real estate investor has it’s own set of goals and preferred strategies. Whatever your area of expertise, all real estate investors rely on clearcut and timely information. Not just during acquisitions and their stringent legislation, but more so during the rest of the investments lifecycle. 

By finding the right partner to support you with the day-to-day, back-office operations of your real assets investments, you can focus on your core activity: generating returns for your investors and identifying new opportunities.

Real Estate accounting and administration

Rembrandt Corporate Services can act as your liaison with property managers and  will help integrate property managers accounts. 

Specific Real Estate services that Rembrandt provides:

  • Real Estate (fund)accounting and (fund)administration services including liaising with property managers and integration of property managers accounts;
  • Review rental agreements and other contracts;
  • Due diligence for real estate or portfolio transactions;
  • Managing incoming and outgoing payments for property investments and SPV´s;
  • Preparation of interim stand-alone and consolidated reporting (Dutch GAAP, IFRS and INREV);
  • Preparation of stand-alone and consolidated financial statements;
  • Audit assistance;
  • Tax and regulatory compliance;
  • WWFT compliance services including client identification and continues monitoring as required by Dutch law; and
  • Maintain corporate records.

Rembrandt Corporate Services advises real estate and private equity managers on tax compliance, legislation, and strategy. Furthermore, we provide tailor made periodical reports suited to your specific needs. We take care of administration and financial affairs and assure that you are in control.

With our team of dedicated professionals with broad international experience, industry specific knowledge and access to advanced software tools, we support your local operations so you can focus on running your business.