Tax Compliance

Complying with local tax laws and accounting regulations can be a challenge. Staying informed on constantly changing tax developments in national and international markets can put a strain on internal finance and accounting departments. 

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly more important to deliver transparent financial reporting on their tax compliance and as your business grows, so will the workload and the amount of reporting deadlines.

Corporate income tax (CIT)

Rembrandt Corporate Services will help you manage your corporate income tax and reporting obligations. We prepare your companies tax returns, review draft calculations and fill your completed corporate income tax return.

Value added tax (VAT)

We will assist in identifying VAT obligations and VAT-related opportunities.

Furthermore, Rembrandt Corporate Service will prepare and review VAT statements and VAT refund claims. 

Expecting a VAT review by the tax authorities? Our tax professionals will represent your company and assist in negotiations and/or appeals with the tax authorities.

Payroll Tax administration

As your employee base grows, so will the burden of payroll administration. Rembrandt Corporate Services will assist with day-to-day payroll accounting, salary payments and make sure your company is compliant wit payroll tax legislation.

Rembrandt Corporate Services will support your company’s tax obligations by preparing, reviewing, and filing required return forms.

With our team of dedicated professionals with broad international experience, industry specific knowledge and access to advanced software tools, we support your local operations so you can focus on running your business.